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obsessed with raising the waistline to make long legs

The winter coat is the same. If you are afraid of wearing a bloated winter coat to expose body defects, a belt with a prominent color white star equipment can rescue you. A pair of basic color belts with contrasting color on the jumpsuit can also play a role in adjusting the proportion of the body. The wide waist belt is also a good choice for the long waist race. The width of the waist belt is shortened by using the width of the waist belt itself. The short waist leg length is a good ratio. Many supermodels are the figure. Jin Xiaomei is a typical example. She will use her belt to highlight her advantages. She recently loved this belt and had a high rate of appearance. When the cousin wore a wide belt, she deliberately looked down and tied it a bit, but the legs still looked two meters long. Although equipment butterfly blouse the short-shouldered people have taken advantage of their shorter legs and shorter legs, the short-shouldered people with large chests are very likely to fall into another awkward situation. If they are not careful, they will have a visual effect that all of the legs are full of chest. . Therefore, the girdle is not suitable for the big chest and short waist. The short-shouldered waist is not to be obsessed with raising the waistline to make long legs. Low waist bottoms with basic belts are more suitable for short waists. Round-faced stars should try to avoid caps with rounded caps and rounded faces. Contrast with the left side of the child can not look more round face, she actually rarely wearing a bell-shaped cap. The heart-shaped face is also called the inverted triangle face, with a wide chin on the forehead. This kind of face basically doesn't pick hats. All kinds of hats are suitable for wearing. When wearing a hat with a heart-shaped face, it can cover a wide forehead and reveal a nice chin line. Chloë Moretz is a typical heart-shaped face. The cap was first worn by hunters during hunting and was seen everywhere in England and Ireland in the 19th century. The widow equipment cotton shirt sister wore a neutral wind cap and perfectly displayed the facial lines. When using a belt with a skirt, Kat Dennings will also try to choose a softer, moderately-wide belt that deliberately keeps the belt at a distance from the chest. When using a belt with a jacket or skirt, it is best to choose a finer belt that can be tied slightly below your waist line and leave some distance between your chest and legs. Heart-shaped hats with hats and wide hats are best when there are some bangs, so the forehead does not look so wide. Only high-value girls like Dada have the courage to reveal the entire wide forehead. Other face-style baseball caps are either either round or obvious or long, and it's just right to have a heart-shaped face.
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